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Organic Garden

As we say hello to a new year, we begin to see our beautiful Organic Garden come to life! The vegetables, fruits and herbs we planted last year are now starting to sprout, transforming from what was before merely an area of land, into a home for our organic produce.  One the hotels main projects this year is the continued growth of this spectacular space, where we will be producing fresh ingredients to be used in our kitchens. In the months to come we also plan to open our very own cooking school, where guests and visitors can learn to cook the very traditional Laos dishes that they have grown to love during their time in Luang Prabang.

How we are cultivating?

As a completely Organic Garden, we will never use any chemicals in our grows, as we understand that if we want to take care of ourselves and the surrounding environment, we need to be completely natural with what we do to our food. Across all of our grows, including our greenhouses, on the land and also down on the Mekong river front, we are using several natural techniques including creating compost with both Lao's and western techniques, creating earthworm compost and using biological fertilizers. All this goes towards helping us create the freshest and healthiest produce possible. Organic gardening is all about understanding the processes of nature and makeup of your soil, as part of this process we must always be learning and understanding the different ways of working and combining both Laos knowledge with western knowledge and work together to create something special.

What are we growing?

Since we first started planting in our garden late last year, we have been nurturing various types of organic produce, including basil, garlic, coriander, Chinese cabbage, chili, salad, lemon grass, long bean and many more. As we continue to develop this area and create new space for plantation, the project as a whole will increase and the amount of produce likewise. 

So what is next?

For the coming months we have many aspirations on what we would like to achieve within this beautiful area, here are a few of the projects we will be undertaking.

  • Continuing the growth of vegetation to be used in the hotel restaurant.
  • Develop a beautiful area in which to build our cooking school.
  • Creating a picturesque and relaxed space to hold yoga classes through the hotel.  
  • Create a laboratory for studying soil, growth, maintenance, farming and landscaping.

 Come visit us.

We here at the Mekong Riverview hotel are dedicated to keeping the land healthy and sustainable, we really encourage you to take the short boat trip across the Mekong and come visit us to see what we are doing. To visit the garden is completely free for all, just come in and ask the hotel reception and we can organize a boat to take you across the Mekong. We hope to see you soon.