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Souang Heua (Boat Racing Festival)

Boat Racing Festival in Luang Prabang, Laos, on the Nam Khan River

The Boat Racing Festival (also known as “Boun Souang Heua”), dates back thousands of years and is held during the Buddhist Lent depending on the lunar calendar. This year on September 9th, Luang Prabang’s finest boat crews shall put months of training to the test and compete against one another to claim the top place. The race is formatted as a straight knockout with two crews competing at a time in a straight out 400 meter sprint. The winner moves on to the next round and shall compete in around 4-5 races to accomplish the feat before the day is out. One of the highlights of the year for the Lao people, this is a great occasion to be in town for so if you have the chance be sure to go and watch.

There will be a Market Fun Fair in the morning on the same day, it will be set up along Chao Fa Ngum road with locally made textiles, woven bamboo baskets, handmade clay pots, agriculture products, food and so on.

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