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Spa & Garden

Welcome to our Viewpoint Organic Garden and our Palm Tree Health Spa.

Here we share our vision of creating the most memorable experience  for our guests.

Palm Tree Health Spa.

Providing an area for you to relax, exercise and refresh. With our fully trained professional therapists and our brand new salt water swimming pool. This promises to be the very best location in town for one to truly enjoy the tranquility and peacefulness we all strive for whilst on holiday. Also enjoy the on site bistro, where we will offer healthy meals, snacks and refreshments, with ingredients brought in straight from our organic garden to help keep your body well-nourished and energized. And with activities such as badminton, and ultimately a gym area, we can offer everything for those who wish to relax and for those who like to stay active. 

Viewpoint Organic Garden & Cooking School

By growing fresh, healthy produce in our garden in the most natural and sustainable environment, we will offer you the best and freshest ingredients. At the garden we shall be building our cooking school for you to come and take classes on learning how to cook some of your favorite traditional Lao dishes and the techniques used to do so. This area has so much potential, and we are so excited about fulfilling it. The creation of the garden itself is well under way and is free for all who wish to come and visit, to experience what we are doing and what we plan to do over he coming months.

Here we have a small gallery of the work that is underway on both projects, with completion due later this year.

Please follow the links below for further information on each project