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Viewpoint Restaurant

Opening Hours: 7 am - 10 pm

Our Viewpoint Restaurant offers you a fantastic view added to your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here it is easy to eat a long breakfast quietly and peacefully, and then in the evening your dinner with a cozy atmosphere and palm trees as your roof. 

Here at the Viewpoint Restaurant our main focus is on traditional Lao cuisine. Although we do offer a few western style dishes, we feel that as we are Lao, you the customer has come to Laos, then we as a restaurant should make it our main objective to create the best and most delicious local cuisine. Not only do we know these dishes best, but this is what many of our guests came to Laos for, to sample the local cuisine, flavors and culture.

Sit back, relax and soak up the atmosphere of pure tranquility and nature with views all the way across the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers, watch the local fishermen at work and the river cruise boats sail past. In our eyes, and many others, there is no better spot in town to truly enjoy the scenic beauty of Luang Prabang, all whilst enjoying a delicious meal or just a refreshing beverage.

Visit our beautiful garden situated right next to our Viewpoint Restaurant. Enjoy exotic trees and flowers whilst you sit and take in the stunning scenery or enjoy a romantic stroll with your loved ones.

When we first started the hotel and restaurant, this piece of land was nothing more than a plain area of uncared for land and shrubs.

Despite not actually owning this piece of land, Mr Urban made it one of his many projects to work with the local authorities to develop and maintain this area into something truly beautiful and art like.

We now use this area for our wine tasting evenings which are held once or twice a week, where Mr Urban likes to invite all our guests down to enjoy a glass of wine or two whilst getting to know the other hotel residents and himself.

The garden is also open to the public and is a very popular spot for tourists to visit due to its natural beauty and stunning views across the meeting point of the two rivers, the Mekong and the Nam Khan.


I called in at the Viewpoint Cafe just to have a drink and take in that stunning view.
I had the place all to myself. I found the staff to be very friendly and efficient. The cold latte I ordered was delicious and the view....well it was amazing and really special. I felt like the luckiest cafe goer in the world!

Frances B - TripAdvisor, 2018