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You Should Know

You Should Know


Before coming to Luang Prabang / booking a should know:

We cooperate only with a handful carefully selected travel agents that we (and you) can trust. If your travel agent says we are fully booked, contact us directly and check availability.

A simple warning: When you ask around before booking a hotel in Luang Prabang and the potential hotel ask for full pre-payment for your whole stay an alarm bell should go off. Some hotels know that if you not pre-paid your whole stay you would move away!

All year around we have many guests moving in with us coming from other hotels in town because they are disappointed. Our location, quality and service in combination are unique for this destination.

The peninsula is the "old" Luang Prabang where you find the famous atmosphere. The peninsula is about 1200 meter (4000 feet) long and 300 meter (1000 feet) wide. Eleven of the 34 temples in Luang Prabang are located here. The UNESCO headquarters and the city's most famous Temple Wat Xieng Thong are our neighbors.

ALL good restaurants and main city attractions are located on the peninsula. Swimming pools are not allowed on the historic peninsula (World Heritage regulations). We believe it's easier to arrange transportation to a pool...than everything else.

Don't be afraid of coming here during our wrongly labeled "rainy season". The correct name should be "green season" or "summer season". Yes, it can be both hot and rainy but it's very rare we have constant rains. Benefit from green mountains, full rivers and waterfalls, butterflies and rainbows...

Plan your visit

THE most frequent comment we hear from our guests is that their time in Luang Prabang was too short (not only saying this to sell more room nights).
1 night = too short and it's better to visit Luang Prabang another time.
2 nights = you will be able to cover main attractions but in a stressful pace.
3 nights = good and you also have some time to explore the surroundings.
4 nights = very good. You actually "get" Luang Prabang in a nice pace and still have time to do nothing (actually a main attraction).
5-6 nights = you get it all and have time for long lunches and book reading. You also have time to get off the beaten track and maybe take the ferry over the Mekong and discover the real Lao and its people.

Wanderlust Travel Awards 2015: THE WINNERS

Top City

  1. Luang Prabang 97.14%
  2. Bagan 95%
  3. Stockholm 94.74%
  4. Kyoto 94.29%
  5. Hoi An 94.12%
  6. ..............

Luang Prabang (Laos) is never far from the top spot in this category – proof of its enduring charm, and the bevvy of treasures and unique experiences that await every traveller. 

Last year's Top City winner, Bagan, (Myanmar) takes a close second place – proving that not only are our readers an intrepid bunch, they have fantastic taste, too.

Congratulations also to Stockholm, (Sweden) a newcomer to the shortlist.